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His Touch, My Story by Jim Miller

Touchstory A world war II veteran, having served first in the old Florida State Guard attaining
the rank of sergeant. Called to active duty in the army he served in the Aleutians.
Upon returning to the States his last duty station was at Fort Robinson, Nebraska.

He recently retired after 60 plus years as an engineering technician, draftsman, designer and engineering project manager for a number of consulting engineering firms.

Jim has, for over 65 years, ministered in a number of Baptist churches serving as a deacon, teacher and Bible study leader. He is presently teaching a men’s Bible class each Sunday, as well as a mid week study group.

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As I Remember It by Sidney Mickler

Micker's Landing For residents of Northeast Florida, Palm Valley and the Mickler family are synonymous because their history is intertwined. This is a story of Sid Mickler and the story of Palm Valley and its people, and the lives they lived, and the work they did, and the tremendous changes that they experienced during the 20th century. This is a great story, one that needed to be told and remembered.

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Angel on My Wing by Richard Lewis

Richard Lewis An Odyssey of Flying Combat with the 493rd Bomb Group, 8th Air Force in 1944

World War II was the ultimate experience for all those who participated in it. Many of my friends have asked me through the years to put on paper what I experienced as a bomber pilot in the Eighth Air Force flying out of England. I do not think that the missions I flew were extraordinary in any way but at the age of 87 I thought if I was ever going to do this I must get on with the program. I hope you enjoy and understand my own lingo, as I am by no means a professional writer. I only wish that I had started earlier and could have taken advantage of the memories of my many friends who are no longer with us. As many have said before me, it was the greatest time of my life but given the choice I would never do it again.

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Life’s Bouquet by Laura Louise Boilini

Life's Bouquet Who in your life has fostered your own sense of purpose, helped you see what you could do and be? Here is my story of these people, teachers in many forms, who have impacted my life with their indelible presence. I invite you to share in my personal recollections and to learn about those who have touched me with their own unique wisdom.

Life’s bouquet is about the beauty of humanity and lessons learned through experience. I have used the analogy of a garden, and have spoken of those who have inspired me as flowers and weeds. Flowers, we often think of as intended, glorious and striking in vivid color. Weeds are the surprises of life, the random whims of nature. I recognize through my own journey of growth, that one needs both flowers and weeds to go forward with a sense of confidence. In Life’s Bouquet I have woven these manifestations of nature within the stories of my past and future. I have shared my stories of growth, of self-doubt and self-discovery.

Perhaps you can find a part of yourself in my stories, and you can reflect upon those who have made an impact in your life. Life’s Bouquet is one person’s story, my story, about how important it is to appreciate the “flowers,” embrace the “weeds,” and enjoy the possibilities that beckon.

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Of Time and Honored Distance by William M Mahoney

Of Time and honored distance by Willam Matt Mahoney

Have you ever placed your thoughts on paper and looking back, often wondered where these thoughts originated? Or perhaps a memory came to mind which fueled a feeling that inspired either joy or sadness and perhaps faded into reality? All the things that happen to us as years pass are stored in a mental “Treasure Chest” that remains sealed until we choose to open it.

“of Time and Honored Distance” is a reflection of many years of gathering these thoughts and the transfer of them into the written word.

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The September Effect by Christopher Luby

Christorpher Luby by Christopher Luby

This story could easily be yours. You could be the one going through a life changing experience without ever thinking you would end up writing about it, but that is exactly what I did.

Like many people I went through a very painful life changing experience. I took that experience and hid it away like a dark secret. The pain and fear that was my secret was choking the life out of me. Then one day I let that secret out and unlike many, I decided to share my experience with the world. I started to chronicle my experience in a journal and now that chronicle has become my journey. It is my hope that by sharing my experience with you, it will become clear that from every ending there is a new beginning and a fresh journey. I have started my journey and hope that after reading this book you will too.

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