Horse Bones: 12 Tales of Secrets, Ghosts, and Legends

Ron Miller If you love spider-crawling chills along your spine, the mystery of things otherworldly and legends that just might have more truth than myth, then this book is for you. Join young Lori Miller as she finds out what frightening, brooding thing lives in the dark shadows of her room. Follow the hair-raising adventures of four teens as they face the terror of Andrew’s Swamp, brave the haunted house that glows ominously in the dark and investigate the mysterious stretch of railroad track lost in a forgotten forest. And if you haven’t been properly scare by the first 11 stories, then the 12th, Wallpaper, should do the trick.

This collection of tales will enthrall young and old alike, so pull the covers up to your chin and enjoy this creepy collection.

List Price: 14.95 / Web Special: $5