Life’s Bouquet by Laura Louise Boilini

Life's Bouquet Who in your life has fostered your own sense of purpose, helped you see what you could do and be? Here is my story of these people, teachers in many forms, who have impacted my life with their indelible presence. I invite you to share in my personal recollections and to learn about those who have touched me with their own unique wisdom.

Life’s bouquet is about the beauty of humanity and lessons learned through experience. I have used the analogy of a garden, and have spoken of those who have inspired me as flowers and weeds. Flowers, we often think of as intended, glorious and striking in vivid color. Weeds are the surprises of life, the random whims of nature. I recognize through my own journey of growth, that one needs both flowers and weeds to go forward with a sense of confidence. In Life’s Bouquet I have woven these manifestations of nature within the stories of my past and future. I have shared my stories of growth, of self-doubt and self-discovery.

Perhaps you can find a part of yourself in my stories, and you can reflect upon those who have made an impact in your life. Life’s Bouquet is one person’s story, my story, about how important it is to appreciate the “flowers,” embrace the “weeds,” and enjoy the possibilities that beckon.

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