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Natasha Lands Down Under by Katherine McCaughan

Katherine McCaughan by Katherine McCaughan

Many books tell the stories of immigrants landing in America, but Natasha’s story brings alive what it’s like for a family to leave a colorful home in China as refugees, seeking a new home in Australia. Readers see the strange new setting and customs through the eyes of the strong-willed Natasha, who tries to understand the struggles of her Russian-born parents to make a new life here and support a family. Action and confl icts, both small and large, carry the story steadily along at a pace that will keep young and adult readers intrigued, as the characters hold on to some of their own culture while learning to fit in with quite a different one. Inventive and well-written, McCaughan’s book has an original theme and vivid setting that give it a fresh appeal for those who enjoy getting a taste of other worlds, lifestyles and values that matter.

list price: 12.95 / web price: 11.95