Eveyn the Helpful Hopper by Chad Smith

Eveyn the Helpful Hopper by Chad Smith “Where giant pink butterflies
told fairy tales and buzzy bees carried their honey in pails…”

Eveyn the bunny rabbit goes on a journey through her beautiful country town! With her own little hop, she follows a trail that leads to some very colorful friends, all in need of a helping hand. From bright, sunny fields to dark spooky caves, she makes her way through this fun-filled day, where she learns just how good it feels to help others in need. Come join Eveyn on her journey and see where the trail might lead!

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Diamonds & Destiny by Marli Sieburger

Diamonds & Destiny by Marli Sieburger - book cover art Diamonds & Destiny is the saga of the Merlenes’ Dynasty, a story which journeys around the jewelry industry and forces the family members to engage in dangerous enterprises that soon become the source of an awful misery. The characters’ ambitions are the stepping stone of their ultimate legacy. It is indeed the power of money and the fascination that people have for diamonds that control the course of their destiny.

Diamonds & Destiny consists of four books. Secrets From Yesterday; Dreams In The Wind; Jewels, Misery, and Faith; and Flawless Supremacy. The Merlenes and their enemies; the secrets and the revenges, the dreams and ambitions; all together in an extravagant vogue. The strength of these intriguing tale, rests in the core of the family’s faith.

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Diamonds & Destiny is the sequel of Diamonds & Mildew, a novel that also entails four books. One Dream Many Tomorrows; The Earth Is Hiding; Satin, Passion, and Tears; and Shadows of a Legacy. It is quite an epic story, rich in dangerous endeavors, striking characters, and shocking plots.

Family Secets by C.L. Harris

All families have secrets, some worse than others. It has taken me many years to find the courage to tell this family story. I am still not sure I should tell it now, but I know in my heart and soul it needs to be told. It has been hidden and in some cases forgotten for too long.

Our family’s most important unspoken rule was,
Keep the family light, bright and damn near white.

As other families have done before, many members of our family have taken our secrets to the grave. I have chosen not to do so.

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Unwritten Truce: The Armed Forces and American Social Justice by Troy E. Mosley

Unwritten Truce by Troy MoselyThe struggle for equality is as old as the nation itself. Each marginalized demographic has fought to achieve the opportunity for self-determination as guaranteed by the Constitution. The American military has contributed as much to the notion of American exceptionalism as American leaders of industry and American artisans.

Since 1776 the U.S. military has established a proven track record of winning America’s wars- the standard by which all militaries are judged. When called upon to do the nation’s bidding in combat or on field of competition, the U.S. military
has been second to none. One of the unique aspects of combat is that rarely are Americans more equal than when thrust into harm’s way. It has been said, “There are no atheists in fox holes.” Similarly, racism, sexism, and homophobia quickly go by the wayside when things get real. Yet for the 19th century and half of the 20th century,

America’s military policies regarding the use of manpower can best be described as an awkward attempt to balance the requirement to win America’s wars with the desire to support the socio-political caste system that relegated black Americans to second-class citizenship. President Harry Truman signed Executive Order 9981 on July 26, 1948 and cast the U.S. military as an unlikely champion for inclusion and equality of opportunity. Today, some of this progress is under direct threat. For as far as America has come, we still have work to do for Truman’s vision of equality of opportunity to become a reality for all Americans. Join me in this thought-provoking narrative that honors the brave American military pioneers, black, white, brown, male and female, straight and gay.

Join the conversation that challenges us all to continue the push for a better expression of America.

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Troy Mosley, AuthorTroy Mosley is a retired Army Lieutenant Colonel and 20-year veteran. His views have been shaped by his experiences leading troops, and growing up in the 80s in an upper middle class, predominately white, southern community. He is a graduate of Florida A&M University and holds a Master’s of Health Administration from Baylor University.