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Smarty Pants by G.W. Reynolds III

GW Reynolds iii They called Mary C.’s crazy new neighbor, “Smarty Pants”. You could never get “one up” on her. Her fantasies, tall tales and plain lies caused trouble for everyone crossing her path. When she tell folks she is carrying Jason’s oak baby Mary C. loads her shotgun and has to protect her family. Smarty Pants is book number 11 in the Southern Gothic Jetty Man series.

List Price: 14.95 / Web Price: $12

Gator Roll by G.W. Reynolds III

book 10 GW Reynolds III Illustrations by H. Steven Robertson

“Gator Roll”, brings Jason and Billy back home from the Giant’s Motel to live in their new house out on Mayport Road. The killings under the grape arbor are still a mystery to the police. Margie realizes she is like Mary C. when she finds herself looking for revenge and how easy it is to take a life. Buckle up for another wild ride with the characters of Mayport, Florida, U.S.A.

Book 10 in the Jettyman Series

List Price: $14.95 / Web Special: $12

The Manatee That Flew by John Oberheu

John Oberheu The Manatee That Flew is about an adventurous young manatee named Manford. Though his story is fiction, it is based on true facts and events that actually happened in the life of a real manatee. Most kids know that manatees could never fly, but Manford actually did. His adventure started when his urge to explore new places led him on an exciting and dangerous journey that almost cost him his life. The story reads at a fourth grade level.

List Price: 12.95 / Web Special: $6

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ISBN 0975981889
This book is already in over 20 elementary schools in Northeast Florida.

Hoochie Coochie by G.W. Reynolds III

GW Reynolds III Prepare yourself for one of Mary C.’s wildest adventures as she follows Rebecca Milkduds Coolie and Miss Stark’s diamond and ruby necklace to the mud of Black Hammock Island.

Dance all night in the Hoochie Coochie Room, where there is no sex allowed until the roosters crow.

Book 8 of the Jetty Man Series
List Price: $14.95 / Web Special: $12