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When Evils Converge by Pat Van Dorn

Pat Van Dorn Robert Milhouse, a prominent banker in Florence Kentucky, and his wife never dreamt that sending their only child away to boarding school would cause her to feel neglected and unloved. After all, given their position in the community it was the right and proper thing to do. They didn’t realize and probably didn’t care how this small decision would have a negative and powerful effect on so many people.

Bobbie Jo, their daughter, cared only about herself, staying thin and having fun – which usually meant having sex with every man she met. She passed her warped ideas about what was important in life to her children who, in turn, twisted those lessons into a strange and subtle abuse of their own children.

List Price: 16.95 / Web Special: $5

Celestial by Carlo Tamarit

Carlo Tamarit There comes a time in one’s life when they finally wake up. For me, it was the first time I saw Cyphia.

It doesn’t matter that I go to college, have a job, or jam with my band. Cyphia means everything to me, so much so that my feelings for her hurt too much. I want her, but she doesn’t want me and I don’t know why. We’ve been best friends for so long…

List Price: $19.95 / Web Special: $5

Realm by Gertie Poole

Gertie Poole Before the Dark Ages, creatures of magic lived in harmony with the mortal world. With the introduction of new religions, the magicals were branded as demonic and the persecution began. It was a seller’s market and unicorns, griffins, and dragons were slaughtered for tokens of their powers. Having no other recourse, the members of the magical community met to plan their escape from the genocide taking place. Ancient magic, held in secret by the mighty dragons, enabled them to create a realm of their own, safe from the mortal world, yet keeping a portal open so they could pass through undetected. In their absence, the demonic forces gained a foothold, and the mortal world plunged into its darkest times. But with the onslaught of the Inquisition, the demons too, were persecuted and forced to create their own world, known as the Dark Realm.

List Price: 16.95 / Web Special: $5

Blue Texas by W.D. West

W.D. West

The hot dry winds of Mesa del Norte cross the rugged Big Bend area of Texas and blow up a sandstorm of greed, hatred and revenge. These winds spit out such as Wesley Elkes who comes out of nowhere with no past and no memory other than reliving his Civil War experiences. Along with a group of other tortured characters, you will find yourself relishing each turn of the page.

List Price: 14.95 / Web Special: $5

Murder on the Rocks by Nancy Powell

Nancy Powell Take the grisly murder of a best-selling mystery writer, followed by a comedy of errors kind of investigation; stir in a whacky, whirlwind romance between an embittered, red-haired divorcee and a tough, irrepressible Miami Sun reporter; add the lure of the Florida Keys; then relish the taste of Murder on the Rock, a “whodunit”, with a twist you won’t be able to put down.
List Price: 18.95 / Web Special: $5