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Diamonds & Destiny by Marli Sieburger

Diamonds & Destiny by Marli Sieburger - book cover art Diamonds & Destiny is the saga of the Merlenes’ Dynasty, a story which journeys around the jewelry industry and forces the family members to engage in dangerous enterprises that soon become the source of an awful misery. The characters’ ambitions are the stepping stone of their ultimate legacy. It is indeed the power of money and the fascination that people have for diamonds that control the course of their destiny.

Diamonds & Destiny consists of four books. Secrets From Yesterday; Dreams In The Wind; Jewels, Misery, and Faith; and Flawless Supremacy. The Merlenes and their enemies; the secrets and the revenges, the dreams and ambitions; all together in an extravagant vogue. The strength of these intriguing tale, rests in the core of the family’s faith.

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Diamonds & Destiny is the sequel of Diamonds & Mildew, a novel that also entails four books. One Dream Many Tomorrows; The Earth Is Hiding; Satin, Passion, and Tears; and Shadows of a Legacy. It is quite an epic story, rich in dangerous endeavors, striking characters, and shocking plots.

Smarty Pants by G.W. Reynolds III

GW Reynolds iii They called Mary C.’s crazy new neighbor, “Smarty Pants”. You could never get “one up” on her. Her fantasies, tall tales and plain lies caused trouble for everyone crossing her path. When she tell folks she is carrying Jason’s oak baby Mary C. loads her shotgun and has to protect her family. Smarty Pants is book number 11 in the Southern Gothic Jetty Man series.

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Earth Quest by Perry and Brinkley

Brinkley and Perry by: Kathleen Perry and Ginny Brinkley

Imagine what life would be like if our beloved planet were to become uninhabitable, either because of our own failings or from forces beyond our control. Would we have sufficient technology to be able to travel the unfathomable distances in space for years, perhaps thousands of years, in search of a new homeland?

The Enlilliians, remants of an ancient civilization, experienced such a fate. A select few had escaped from their planet before it was incinerated by their ever-expanding sun. These survivors, confined to their giant spaceship, hoped that their search for a new home – and a new food source – would end within a few generations. Their quest seemed hopeless. That is, until they came across a little planet called Earth – and a biologist named Dr. William Lance.

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Gator Roll by G.W. Reynolds III

book 10 GW Reynolds III Illustrations by H. Steven Robertson

“Gator Roll”, brings Jason and Billy back home from the Giant’s Motel to live in their new house out on Mayport Road. The killings under the grape arbor are still a mystery to the police. Margie realizes she is like Mary C. when she finds herself looking for revenge and how easy it is to take a life. Buckle up for another wild ride with the characters of Mayport, Florida, U.S.A.

Book 10 in the Jettyman Series

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Angel in a Fur Coat by C.L. Enuton

CL Enuton by C.L. Enuton

Ask a dog lover how they came to be with the dog they have … or once had in the past. They will most likely share a story of how their dog chose them by some kind of unexplainable connection. Finally, this phenomenon is revealed. In her story, Sparky, the angel, tells all. But she is no ordinary angel… for some reason she’s marked. Is it a curse, a blessing, or perhaps the time of the prophecy has come.

Explore the wonderful world of dogs in a place where angels live and are trained to be dogs on earth. Sparky, the angel, trades in her wings and halo for a fur coat and a bone.

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Diamonds and Mildew by Marli Sieburger

Marli Sieburger Diamonds and Mildew is an exciting story about family legacy and diamonds. It reveals how ambition charms many lives as well as how fast money frantically determines the course of their misery. It is quite an epic story, rich in dangerous endeavors, striking characters and shocking plots.

The saga of the Merlenes dynasty starts in the streets of Paris in the nineteen century and hastens extravagantly throughout America, Brazil, South Africa and Greece.

The driving ambition of a young man sets the ground for many generations of his family to engage in the reckless and vicious episodes of destiny.

The fascinating life of each character, who dreams, loves, deceives and kills meticulously entangles with those who keep the faith, the loyalty and the devastating secrets of the family.

Absolutely super tale, interesting characters and timeline, keeps the reader turning pages to see what happens next. In short, itʼs a diverse plot where the reader canʼt predict what comes next. – Terry Dawson, Editor of the script of the movie Ghost

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St Dunstan’s & John by Charles Patillo III

Charles Patillo III To the beauty of the St. Johns River in Florida, flowing north from a swamp, twisting and turning, spreading its banks reaching for the Atlantic Ocean, Add eighteen small wood frame churches built along the river after the civil war; Combine with the impact of the war on three men: John Young, Episcopal Bishop of Florida, Captain J.J. Dickison, Confederate calvaryman, General John Breckinridge, Confederate Cabinet member; Enfold the legendary disappearance of the financial assets of the Confederate States of America; Include a search by two men, in the present day, for the treasure they believe is hidden in the river churches and you have St. Dunstan’s & John.

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Olivia’s Favorites by Joyce Davidson

 Joyce Davidson In Moss Grove Pennsylvania, the outstanding 1898 graduating class includes young people ready to burst forth to find success at new ventures. Olivia Arbusson, their teacher, breaks the rules to expand their education with the blessing of Headmaster Miffle. Eleven members of the class make up Olivia’s favorites, and they are thrust into various journeys when fate cuts down their original aspirations. New Your City beckons them. The Gold Rush entices them. California lures them. Heartaches goad them on to unplanned adventures, which test those who are brave enough to taste life on their terms at the birth of a new century.

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