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Eveyn the Helpful Hopper by Chad Smith

Eveyn the Helpful Hopper by Chad Smith “Where giant pink butterflies
told fairy tales and buzzy bees carried their honey in pails…”

Eveyn the bunny rabbit goes on a journey through her beautiful country town! With her own little hop, she follows a trail that leads to some very colorful friends, all in need of a helping hand. From bright, sunny fields to dark spooky caves, she makes her way through this fun-filled day, where she learns just how good it feels to help others in need. Come join Eveyn on her journey and see where the trail might lead!

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Angel in a Fur Coat by C.L. Enuton

CL Enuton by C.L. Enuton

Ask a dog lover how they came to be with the dog they have … or once had in the past. They will most likely share a story of how their dog chose them by some kind of unexplainable connection. Finally, this phenomenon is revealed. In her story, Sparky, the angel, tells all. But she is no ordinary angel… for some reason she’s marked. Is it a curse, a blessing, or perhaps the time of the prophecy has come.

Explore the wonderful world of dogs in a place where angels live and are trained to be dogs on earth. Sparky, the angel, trades in her wings and halo for a fur coat and a bone.

List Price: 12.95 / Web Price: 11.95