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The Sock Monster by Marcia Cohen

sockmonsterIllustrated by Lee Cohen

When Timmy is not with his family, he is in school. Timmy’s creative mind almost gets him into trouble at school. But with Timmy’s parents’ gentle guidance, he learns to tell the truth and, gets to meet the Sock Monster.

List Price: $12.95

The Posmenatt Way by JW Blackwelder

Johnnie W Blackwelder by Johnnie W Blackwelder

Petey and Penney are “posmenatts” (pronounced ‘poz-min-otts’). They travel around our beautiful planet spreading the word about the power of positive thinking. As they encounter situations of sadness or fear they show their new friends how they can easily change the way that they think. By using a POSITIVE MENTAL ATTITUDE they help an old man find his way, show a young boy how to be happier, and rescue a little girl frozen in fear!

The Posmenatts want us to know how to think. So sit back, relax and have a cool drink. Then come on their rocket and travel in rhyme – and believe in the power in everyone’s mind!

List Price: 12.95 / Web Price: $11.95

Harry the Hungry Frog by L.E. Levy

L.E. Levy Harry the Hungry Frog: Harry Ventures Out is a story of a frog that wants to try new and exciting foods and goes on an adventure to find something yummy. Along the way Harry learns politeness, friendship and how to eat in moderation. Keep a lookout for a little friend that follows Harry.

This is the first book in the Harry the Hungry Frog series. This series was inspired by the author’s daughters and their passion to cook.

Price Listing: $10

The Adventures of Cadillac Zac

by Margina Gabriel As told to the author by Cadillac Zac and Baxter Craven Young

This book was written by Margina as a memoir of Cadillac Zac. The relationship between Cadillac Zac and B.C. touches upon all of the Character Counts Pillars of Fairness, Responsibility, Citizenship, Respect, Caring, and Trustworthiness.

List Price: $10 / Web Price: $9