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Escape from Planet Earth by Carol Powel-Smith

Carol Powel-Smith The Soul’s Journey Home

We all wonder why we are here. Did you know you were divinely created to play out one of the 12 principal roles of Earthly existence? We were each sent to this space / time dimension to fulfill our unique role within our original ‘soul group’ so that we may learn, grow, and move on to other realities.

Hope and help exists. In this book we will:

  • Explain the 12 roles of souls here on Earth
  • Follow a hypothetical group of souls through many lifetimes.
  • Lean how mythology and history help explain our life roles.
  • Discover how astrological sun signs relate to our roles
  • Explore your own ‘Escape from Planet Earth’ plan in depth.

    List Price: 16.95 / Web Pricing: $14.95