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Earth Quest by Perry and Brinkley

Brinkley and Perry by: Kathleen Perry and Ginny Brinkley

Imagine what life would be like if our beloved planet were to become uninhabitable, either because of our own failings or from forces beyond our control. Would we have sufficient technology to be able to travel the unfathomable distances in space for years, perhaps thousands of years, in search of a new homeland?

The Enlilliians, remants of an ancient civilization, experienced such a fate. A select few had escaped from their planet before it was incinerated by their ever-expanding sun. These survivors, confined to their giant spaceship, hoped that their search for a new home – and a new food source – would end within a few generations. Their quest seemed hopeless. That is, until they came across a little planet called Earth – and a biologist named Dr. William Lance.

List Price: 14.95 / Web Price: 7.00

Magic Trash by Gertie Poole

Gertie Poole 2006 Royal Palm Literary Award Winner

Hattie Mae screwed up. Along with her dysfunctional magical neighbors she is banished from the Magic Realm and forced to survive in a penal colony – Magic Memories Trailer Park in Florida. Even though they’re forbidden to use the trace magic left to them, Hattie finds she’s become an aging, fat, miserable elf. She can’t resist and the results are disastrous. Her indiscretions cost her a fortune in fines and years added to her sentence. Residual magic has side effects. To make matters worse, someone is murdering the residents. Argon, the king’s champion griffin is dispatched to investigate and eliminate the murderer. Invoking an antiquated law of the Realm to save a friend, Hattie now has one week to produce the murderer or forfeit her life. With the help of fastidious elf, an emotional troll, a foul mouthed parrot, a berserk toilet, and the pompous griffin with whom she shares a secret past, Hattie blazes forward to save lives, especially her own.

List Price: 14.95 / Web Special: $5

Realm by Gertie Poole

Gertie Poole Before the Dark Ages, creatures of magic lived in harmony with the mortal world. With the introduction of new religions, the magicals were branded as demonic and the persecution began. It was a seller’s market and unicorns, griffins, and dragons were slaughtered for tokens of their powers. Having no other recourse, the members of the magical community met to plan their escape from the genocide taking place. Ancient magic, held in secret by the mighty dragons, enabled them to create a realm of their own, safe from the mortal world, yet keeping a portal open so they could pass through undetected. In their absence, the demonic forces gained a foothold, and the mortal world plunged into its darkest times. But with the onslaught of the Inquisition, the demons too, were persecuted and forced to create their own world, known as the Dark Realm.

List Price: 16.95 / Web Special: $5

The Keeper by Kelley Loughran

Kelley Loughran On a rocky coast of Maine sits an old abandoned lighthouse. The Keeper, who died under mysterious circumstances many decades before, is thought to still walk the halls of the home he refuses to leave.

12 year old Jake McMillian is looking forward to a family trip to visit a lighthouse in Maine. He knows of the legend of the dead Keeper and hope for his own ghostly encounter. But Jake would get more than he bargained for. Some things go more than just bump in the night.

List Price: 12.95 / Web Special: $6

The Stream by Steve Robertson

Steven Robertson With a style resembling Hemmingway and a theme echoing Melville, The Stream narrates a young boy’s internal and external battle with society and nature. Offering both sensitivity and gripping action, Robertson weaves a story of a boy fighting for survival in both the cruel mainstream of middle school and the dangerous current of the Gulf stream.
List Price: $14.95 / Web Special: $7