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Diamonds and Mildew by Marli Sieburger

Marli Sieburger Diamonds and Mildew is an exciting story about family legacy and diamonds. It reveals how ambition charms many lives as well as how fast money frantically determines the course of their misery. It is quite an epic story, rich in dangerous endeavors, striking characters and shocking plots.

The saga of the Merlenes dynasty starts in the streets of Paris in the nineteen century and hastens extravagantly throughout America, Brazil, South Africa and Greece.

The driving ambition of a young man sets the ground for many generations of his family to engage in the reckless and vicious episodes of destiny.

The fascinating life of each character, who dreams, loves, deceives and kills meticulously entangles with those who keep the faith, the loyalty and the devastating secrets of the family.

Absolutely super tale, interesting characters and timeline, keeps the reader turning pages to see what happens next. In short, itʼs a diverse plot where the reader canʼt predict what comes next. – Terry Dawson, Editor of the script of the movie Ghost

List Price: 19.95 / Web Price: 17.95

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