Treasure of Cheng Shih

In the early 1800‘s, America had rid itself of pirates but in Asia this was
not the case. Cheng Shih was a powerful female pirate with over 80,000
men and 1,800 Chinese junks at her command. She stole everything from
jewels to people to opium. In 1844, Madam Cheng and her husband
designed a secret plan to move her fortune from China to Hawaii for
safe keeping until she arrived. Unknown to her, the Chinese Navy along
with a rival pirate family were plotting to intercept the junks carrying the
treasure. But the forces of nature intervened and the treasure was lost.

Many years later, Mr. Chang from Hawaii, a distant relative of Madam
Cheng, came to California to visit the Cali family seeking their assistance
in locating Cheng’s lost treasure. Chang had heard of the Cali’s success
in discovering a portion of Sir Francis Drake’s treasure in Malaga Cove.
As events would unfold, the Cali family found themselves in a dangerous
predicament forcing Snail to risk his life to rescue them. Mr. Chang
proved to be as ruthless and cunning as his distant relative. Much to the
Calis’ surprise, the treasure was not gold or jewels as they expected, but
something far more sinister and deadly.

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