The Treasure of Malaga Cove

Join Sir Francis Drake on his flag ship the Golden Hind in 1577 as he
searches for a shorter route to Asia. On his dangerous journey around
the tip of South America and up the west coast of the Americas, his crew
faces violent storms at sea and battles with Spanish and Portuguese Men-
O-War. Finally, Drake must deal with a mutiny on his own flag ship.

Four hundred years later, Carmine Cali is learning to dive off the coast
of southern California when his partner Nelson Bartlett swears he sees
a skull hidden in the grasses off Malaga Cove. Another dive that day
reveals nothing. Carmine spends the next 39 years trying to confirm
that the skulls exists. Follow Carmine, his wife Elaine, and their children
Snail, Carmen and Caroline in their diving adventures and search for the
enigmatic skull.

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