Treasue of Ocracoke Island

In the early 1700’s Ocracoke Island located at the tip of North Carolina’s Outer Banks
was the home of Edward Teach, better known as Blackbeard the infamous pirate. His
reign of terror lasted a mere two years, but during this time he ruled the seas from the
Outer Banks to the Caribbean. The end came in 1718 when the British attacked and
killed Blackbeard in Ocracoke Bay. The British never found Blackbeard’s legendary
treasure and scuttled his ship Adventure. Blackbeard’s treasure was never found.

In the Spring of 1942, the world was at war. Germany U-boats patrolled the East Coast
of America. One night U-402 spotted the Soviet tanker Ashkhabad near the Outer
Banks enroute from Cuba to Maryland to collect fuel. U-402 fired two torpedoes
hitting and sinking the Ashkhabad, which carried a hidden footlocker of gold meant
to pay the U.S. for war supplies. Twenty years later the Russians needed that gold to
finance the expansion of the Soviet empire. They dispatched a pair of incompetent
spies to locate the Ashkhabad and retrieve the gold.

Half a century later Snail Cali and his family are enjoying an evening at home when a
huge man sporting a long flowing beard with burning fuses barges into their house
threatening them and demanding that they find his treasure. Later that night Snail’s
mother, sisters, girlfriend, and godmother are kidnapped. Snail along with his father
Carmine, friend Tommy Osawa and NCIS Special Agent Moki Loo Tsing frantically
search for the women. Their only clue is a poetic riddle left as a phone message by the
Blackbeard character.

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