Song of the Windchimes

“As the dark figure unhurriedly emerged from the water, stagnant, smelly residue flowed down his face, dripped off his mauve and green camouflaged chin, slithered along his back, and trickled quietly back into the murky water. He was motionless. His fine tuned senses received and analyzed all sounds, sights and smells. His eyes scanned all directions from side to side and from sky to earth, examining the terrain for possible enemies lurking in the shadows. His muscles were tense, his brain alert. He was prepared to execute the unthinkable and perform the necessary. This was war, and he had accepted his role.”

Sergeant Tony Bogdani was on a mission to rescue a downed Aussie pilot from the Japanese POW camp in French Indo-China during World War II. Thirteen years later, Bogdani is again dispatched to the region to investigate the belligerent activities of the Viet Minh, unaware that he himself would be a target. The Viet Minh have also taken hostage a United Kingdom and Australian film crew on location in the jungles of Thailand. Bogdani and his former military commander, along with two former enemies – one French and on Japanese, a reluctant British MI6 officer and a Thai police officer, set out to rescue the movie makers.

Follow the action and political intrigue as Bogdani and his colleagues become entwined in the struggle between communist and capitalist ideologies to control French Indo-China.

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