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Bottom Time by Steve Robertson

ttom Time by Steve Robertson Robbie Duncan graduates from college and moves to the beaches near Jacksonville, Florida. Setting up a beach side bachelor pad and he becomes quite popular with the ladies in the area. At the same time, he becomes a scuba diver and has wild adventures diving with the ferocious wild animals of the sea and encountering some nefarious drug runners.

Book 2 of the Ranch Boy Series
List Price: 18.95 / Web Special: $5

Ranch Boy by Steve Robertson

Steven H Rovertson As Robbie struggles against his authoritarian father, he learns self-reliance, independence, and the truth of his own heart. Undergoing formative experiences that will define the character of the man that he is destined to be, author H. Steven Robertson writes in an engagingly unadorned style to paint a vivid and sensitive portrait of a boy on the brink of adulthood.
List Price: $22.95 / List Price: $5