The Sock Monster by Marcia Cohen

sockmonsterIllustrated by Lee Cohen

When Timmy is not with his family, he is in school. Timmy’s creative mind almost gets him into trouble at school. But with Timmy’s parents’ gentle guidance, he learns to tell the truth and, gets to meet the Sock Monster.

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The Professor’s One-Minute Guide to Stock Management by H. Swiencinski & H. Slentz

stock1 The Professor’s One-Minute Guide™ to Stock Management is a simple guide to investing in the stock market. It requires only a minute a day. This book will show you how to do it, in a high energy, no-nonsense way.


  • Why “Buy and Hold” is not a good plan
  • The three conditions: long, short and out
  • The Tools – 50 & 200-day Moving Average (MA) – Directional Movement Indicator(DMI)
  • The three Decision Rules that use MA and DMI
  • More than 100 S tock charts to illustrate the “Tools and Rules” in real-life investing – you’ll see what to look for
  • Identifying when the market ‘turns’
  • Position trading & shorting the market
  • Watch Lists and The Dean’s List
  • Scenario Planning with Decision Tools & Rules
  • The Real Estate Life Cycle & underwater loans
  • How debt and savings predict markets
  • Enhanced explanations of the tools and rules
  • Why shorting may be the strategy of this decade
  • Other strategies – time of month, seasonals, earnings reports, Bollinger Bands
  • How to set it all up and do it

List Price: $49.95

Ezekiel by D. Malone McMillan

ezekilEzekiel, foremost a dark comedy, is a unique and quirky blend of conservative fiscal politics, religion, mythology and the paranormal. Think if Carl Hiaasen, Stephen King, Dean Koontz and Dan Brown’s books managed to have an illicit affair amongst the stacks and their collective DNA produced a literary offspring. Ezekiel would be that handsome love child.

The reader will laugh a lot, think a bit, and maybe even shed a tear or two along the way following Zeke and his zany crew from the beaches of Jacksonville, to Amsterdam, Positano, Pisa, Pompeii and ultimately to Florence, Italy. Fair warning…the politics are decidedly conservative leaning (fiscally conservative, that is). Fans of Obama will likely not enjoy the read and, consequently, the book makes an excellent stocking stuffer for the holier-than-thou Liberal on your Christmas list that re-gifted your present to the homeless shelter and took a tax deduction for doing so. Conversely, Tea Party fans, Libertarians, and fiscally conservative Republicans will laugh their collective asses off while shouting “Amen” from the front pew.

The book features humorous interactions among the richly developed characters layered on to the ominous yet discreet paranormal plot. The story is a first person account of Zeke, a mentally unbalanced and functioning alcoholic that has been haunted since puberty with peculiar visions. With the guidance of a mysterious vagrant (Hobo), Zeke reluctantly takes on a chaotic investigation into a suspected conspiracy.

Hobo is a small, freakish looking man preferring pinched women’s clothing (he does his clothes shopping “…from unattended beach towels”). CAUTION: Spoiler Alert! The plot slowly suggests Hobo may in fact be the Incan god Viracocha, the mythical creator that returns disguised as a beggar whenever the world is in danger. Hobo is wildly eccentric and places Zeke and his crew into a series of unlikely but amusing scenes.

Zeke’s wife, Rose, is a much younger, beautiful, lawyer for an international corporation. Sam is the new neighbor and is a conservative family man. He and Rose serve as stable platforms to reflect the lunacy that is Zeke and Hobo. Sarah is Zeke’s cousin. She is an overzealous C.O.P, “observe and report,” law officer with a brother on death row. She is determined to make her mark in law enforcement and sees the investigation as a pathway to that end.

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Tybee Sunrise by Jim Waller

Tybee Sunrise by Jim Waller New York City attorney Matt Ryan’s divorce is finally settled. To escape the pain of discovering his wife with another man and the bitter break-up that followed, he migrates south and settles on a little spit of sand and marsh called Tybee Island, the last in a series of small barrier islands connected like a string of pearls by a single highway, stretching eighteen miles from the mainland at Savannah. The lure of the area is the laid-back ambiance of the island and its people, and an ambivalent desire to reconnect with Carolyn, his college sweetheart, who married a Savannah banker when Matt dumped her ten years ago to marry Yvette, a wealthy young lawyer in her father’s firm. He has forgotten Carolyn’s married name and spends some time searching for her. While trying to find Carolyn, he gets involved with Melody, an island girl. He eventually locates Carolyn, and now he has a decision to make.

Orphaned at eight-years-old, Matt grows up in an adoptive family in which he is neither enthusiastically received nor financially supported. As he matures he develops a compulsion for wealth, and a stable and loving family. With a committed work ethic and a law degree from Harvard, riches are easy enough to come by, but he finds the love and stable family he seeks much more elusive.

In his new home, his life merges with those of five unlikely new acquaintances: John Wayne, a homeless former philosophy professor from Kansas and his homeless friend, Robert, a Chicago murderer; Miss Florence, an elderly cussing church lady from South Florida; Hannah, a promiscuous teenager from Savannah; and Melody, a Tybee nurse. Together they discover all they need to know about love, family, and the island.

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The Making of a Marine: The Life of Doc Smith by Malcolm E. Smith Jr

Making of a Marine by Malcolm E. Smith Jr A Memoir

This is a story about love. Love of country, family, friends, duty and the Brotherhood of Marines. It is also about a storybook love affair that lasted 50 years with my wife, whom I met in Luzon, Philippines.

This is my story of becoming a Marine that started at age 14 when I entered Valley Forge Military Academy. It was at The Citadel, The Military College of South Carolina, that I decided to become an officer in the United States Marine Corps that culminated 30 years later when I retired as full Colonel.
As a Marine, my feet touched the soil of 38 states, 4 continents and 19 foreign countries. I commanded two Infantry Battalions. During the Vietnam War, participated in the Air War over North Vietnam, Commanded a Company and served in two intelligence positions. For the majority of my career, I served
in the Recruiting Service.

Limited Quantity Available. All profits will be donated to the Injured Marine Semper Fi Fund

List Price: $40