Smarter and Healthier: Educational Information for Becoming a Fine Chef

GoreyBook-Front In Smarter and Healthier, celebrated chef Patrick J. Gorey walks readers through his tested tricks and tips for safely preparing foods ranging from caviar to wedding cakes. This reference will teach the young chef (an remind expert chefs) how to store their various truffles and properly prepare buttery pastries. Providing all the starter knowledge anyone might need to enter the culinary arts, Smarter and Healthier emphasizes sanitary practices and explains various killer bacteria that could thrive in an unhygienic kitchen.

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The Arousing hotel Tara by Jo Martyn Gorey

Tarahotel Tristan’s whole world was forever shattered and changed by an absent father syndrome, nonetheless reeling from such shock he successfully raised himself up the ladder to the pinnacle of luxurious hotel wonderment.

Along the journey he experienced fisticuffs, sexual ecstasy, tragedy, an angry suicide, overwhelming grief and sorrow that only his Ma could ease, murder, a close friends terminal alcoholism, Irish and Continental European High-Society friendships, Gourmet dining, and the true love and marriage to his beautiful Irish brunette wife Olivia who forever filled his charmed life with joy.

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His Touch, My Story by Jim Miller

Touchstory A world war II veteran, having served first in the old Florida State Guard attaining
the rank of sergeant. Called to active duty in the army he served in the Aleutians.
Upon returning to the States his last duty station was at Fort Robinson, Nebraska.

He recently retired after 60 plus years as an engineering technician, draftsman, designer and engineering project manager for a number of consulting engineering firms.

Jim has, for over 65 years, ministered in a number of Baptist churches serving as a deacon, teacher and Bible study leader. He is presently teaching a men’s Bible class each Sunday, as well as a mid week study group.

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Chasing Love by Quang C. Ly

Chasing Love by Quang C. Ly Follow the story of a young man who experiences love for the first time. Step into his shoes as he goes through the trials and tribulations of falling in love, trying to stay in love, and winning his love back. Lies are told. Deals are broken. Tears are shed. And irrational decisions are made. Watch as this lad’s emotions spin out of control. He does everything he can to keep the relationship alive. This is a story about a boy who is in love with the very idea of love.

A modern day love story with a twist.

List Price: $16.95

The Sock Monster by Marcia Cohen

sockmonsterIllustrated by Lee Cohen

When Timmy is not with his family, he is in school. Timmy’s creative mind almost gets him into trouble at school. But with Timmy’s parents’ gentle guidance, he learns to tell the truth and, gets to meet the Sock Monster.

List Price: $12.95

Tybee Sunrise by Jim Waller

Tybee Sunrise by Jim Waller New York City attorney Matt Ryan’s divorce is finally settled. To escape the pain of discovering his wife with another man and the bitter break-up that followed, he migrates south and settles on a little spit of sand and marsh called Tybee Island, the last in a series of small barrier islands connected like a string of pearls by a single highway, stretching eighteen miles from the mainland at Savannah. The lure of the area is the laid-back ambiance of the island and its people, and an ambivalent desire to reconnect with Carolyn, his college sweetheart, who married a Savannah banker when Matt dumped her ten years ago to marry Yvette, a wealthy young lawyer in her father’s firm. He has forgotten Carolyn’s married name and spends some time searching for her. While trying to find Carolyn, he gets involved with Melody, an island girl. He eventually locates Carolyn, and now he has a decision to make.

Orphaned at eight-years-old, Matt grows up in an adoptive family in which he is neither enthusiastically received nor financially supported. As he matures he develops a compulsion for wealth, and a stable and loving family. With a committed work ethic and a law degree from Harvard, riches are easy enough to come by, but he finds the love and stable family he seeks much more elusive.

In his new home, his life merges with those of five unlikely new acquaintances: John Wayne, a homeless former philosophy professor from Kansas and his homeless friend, Robert, a Chicago murderer; Miss Florence, an elderly cussing church lady from South Florida; Hannah, a promiscuous teenager from Savannah; and Melody, a Tybee nurse. Together they discover all they need to know about love, family, and the island.

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