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David Dreepel by Mari Sieburger

David Dreepel, is a twelve-year-old boy, who after meeting Mr. Nicolas Toscapela arrives into the seventeen century where he starts a journey packed with attractive episodes of magic and lots of secrets.

David Dreepel advances throughout his journey hunting for his own identity. He is guided by Leila, a young magician, who also protects Lucas, Olivia and Tess; three children, that like David didn’t know from where they came from.

While facing the troubles and surprises involved in the crossing, they meet a grasshopper and a dragon; which indeed hold intriguing mysteries. As they accidentally, engage in the enthralling legend of the Purple and Red Talismans, they meet another dragon, find the lost scorpion, and encounter the blue tiger that, with a touch of magic, saves their lives.


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