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High-Pitched Hum is a Cooperative Publisher. The concept behind the Cooperative Publishing System is to have the publisher and author join forces and share in the costs of taking a book from manuscript to the bookstore shelves.

Publication Agreement and Benefits:

  • Full Color Cover
  • Quality Text Format and Presentation
  • Quality Printing
  • ISBN Number and Barcode
  • High-Pitched Hum Website (
  • Website orders with PayPal
  • Website Catalog
  • Copyright Assistance
  • Marketing Assistance
  • Two Edits (author has final edit)
  • U.S. Shipping and Storage (ONE year)

High-Pitched Hum will advise and assist the author in preparing the manuscript to be printed into book form. The author will pay the cost of publication and printing.

We will edit your book (two times). The author will have the final edit. The author has the final responsibility for the edited copy of the manuscript. The goal of the author and publisher is to have a clean, mistake free product. Cost and payment of any changes or additions to the galley proof will be the author’s responsibility.

Publisher and author will share any and all other subsidiary rights with 70% going to the author and 30% to the publisher. These rights shall include but not be limited to the following: Foreign language publications, reprint edition through other publisher, video and movie presentations, book clubs, and syndication or serialization.

Retail price of the books will be decided by author and publisher. The profit level is much higher when the author sells books on his/her own, or from the High-Pitched Hum website. The major stores and distributors will take a 55% discount off of the retail price.

The life of the contract is ONE year or when all the books are sold, which ever comes first. If any unsold books are in storage at the end of the contract period the author pays the publisher the previously agreed upon price per book and the contract ends. All rights go back to the author.

High-Pitched Hum strongly urges all its authors to do book signings and speaking engagements. Signings are very important in order to meet the public and present your book. For the first year, new books do not sell off of the store shelves without the author signing in the store. It is a process of meeting the public and store personnel. Stores tend to stock the books if an author does a signing.

For more information call Bill Reynolds at (904) 502-1650 or Email HERE.